About Us

At Sustainable Dynamics, we focus on delivering quality, sustainability-enhanced ERP solutions to the mid-sized manufacturer. Our goal is to ensure our clients receive comprehensive ERP solutions, meeting all fundamental business requirements. Additionally we strive to provide each client with the tools, modules and systems to meet their sustainable goals. Just because we have green tinted glasses, doesn’t mean we, or our clients, would accept anything other than industry leading ERP solutions.

Who We Are

The team at Sustainable Dynamics are experts in implementing and supporting ERP solutions based on Microsoft’s Dynamics AX ®. We work in the world of business processes, measurement and reporting and we provide our clients tools so they can record, measure and report against their business goals.

Our focus at Sustainable Dynamics is on customers that include sustainability as one of their core business goals and seek a business software solution that combines the measurement and reporting frameworks for both their financial and environmental performance.

We actively seek clients with a strong social conscience, that are committed to environmental sustainability, and provide healthier and cleaner choices for the consumer. We think that it is necessary that these businesses are strong so that all our descendant’s grow up in a cleaner, healthier and greener world and we want to help them succeed.

Debbie Altham, Co-President

Sustainable Dynamics

What We Do

At Sustainable Dynamics, we focus on delivering sustainable ERP solutions to the Mid-Sized Manufacturer.

Our focus is grounded in our personal passion for sustainability and the health of our environment – a passion that has spread throughout our business like wildfire.

Evangelical about the need for business to incorporate sustainable thinking into their corporate measurement systems, we continue to be active in the green communities – learning as much as we can about the current and perpetually moving best practices for sustainability measurement and reporting. Most of this work is developed and practiced at the highest levels of big corporate and government. However at Sustainable Dynamics, we work with the sustainability community to translate big corporate ideas into practical applications that work for the mid market company.

We understand that when our clients succeeds, we succeed. From the onset of a new project we make it our mission to thoroughly learn about your business process, your strategic goals and desired outcomes, including your sustainability goals. We strive to ensure that when any project is complete, your business is in a position to take full advantage of the ERP solution provided, your staff are well trained and equipped, and your business continues on a journey to success.

Our Values


Our promise is our most vital product, and we will strive to deliver what we have promised. Trust, integrity and honesty are at the center of all our business interactions.

Powerful Relationships

We will have a strong focus on adding value to our clients businesses and building powerful client relationships.


We will be visionary and strategic in our business and we will invest the development and continued professional growth of our staff.


We are passionate to be creative and innovative, finding unique solutions to complex problems. We inspire positive change and will challenge conventional thinking to support growth and success.

Our Memberships